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The Talent.

The Los Angeles Academy of Performing Arts prides itself on it's extraordinarily talented students. In order to keep the population diverse, a limited number of applicants are accepted into the school.

Please specify which area of our four general areas of study you're applying for. (General categories are in bold, specific domains in italics.)

Stage, film.
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Ballet, jazz, interpretive, ballroom, modern, tap, hip-hop.
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Stage, Recording. (There are many types of singing; please feel free to pick any.)</i>
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* All musicians are welcome to apply! There are no limitations to the type/number of intruments available for play.
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Meet the Mod Journal.

Welcome to the Moderator journal of the APA role playing community.

The Los Angeles Academy of Performing Arts, or APA, is a friends-only role playing game set in California. All events, characters, and storylines are completely fictitious, and any similarity to reality is purely coincidental.

Interested in being a part of the drama? Read the Rules, check the available PB, Talent, and Clique lists, then apply!

Sincerely, The Mods.

Also if you're interested in being affiliates with APA comment here.